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10 tiny tricks, that will help you to sell your flat faster

We can read in many places, and even see with our own eyes, that property prices have been rising constantly over the past 3 years. At the same time, demand for flats and houses have increased. Considering these factors, the real estate sellers try to sell the flats as fast and as expensive as possible. They think that if there is such a “boom” on the market currently, then the potential buyers will buy the flat or the house for any amount, because they don’t know how much the prices will cost in the near future and so the property will be even more expensive. There were some who made very good deals, but there were some who haven’t done so well. What was the reason and how could we sell our home at a higher price faster, as long as there is such a favorable market situation? The following 10 tiny tricks answer these questions.

1.  Entrance

The most important thing is the first impression. If your floor is clean and a flower invites you in, the buyer will love the property before entering the flat and will also feel it homey.

2. Purity in the house

The experiences of Central Home shows that homes that have purity and cleanliness have a better impact on customers. Therefore, it is important not to leave unwashed dishes, used clothes, or bed linen because they can damage the value of the property or the present owner at the first encounter, thereby reducing the likelihood of buying.

3. Fresh air

Not only the order and the purity, but the pleasant and fresh air also increase the taste of shopping. Always ventilate your flat thoroughly before the customers arrive.

4. Coffee and cake

Coffee and cake decoration creates a cozy, friendly atmosphere. If you offer one to those who are interested, they will remember you and your apartment at the end of the day.

5. Natural light

In addition to fresh air and pleasant scents, natural light is also a very important mood-creating tool. Before the customers arrive, pull up the shutter, open the curtains. Understandably, everyone prefers the wonderful, clear real estates.

6. Love for animals

A photo of a dog or cat has a positive effect on the buyer. At the same time, whenever its possible, you should give your pet to your neighbors while you have visitors at the property. So that, nothing can ignore the buyer’s attention, the customer will only focus on the real estate and you, also you may not be embarrassing bunks that will reveal the seller in unpleasant light. 

7. Fresh flower

Fresh, cut flowers and other decorations make your home homey and lovable immediately.

8. Bigger space

With a small trick you can make your home more spacious: by ”lending” a furniture to your neighbors or taking them to the cellar, the place already seems bigger and helps you get the imagination of the person interested in the real estate property.

9. Smile

The shortest way between two people is the smile. Be kind to your customers, so at the end of the day they will feel good about you and your flat.

10. Expert Sales

By following these small tips, you can create a positive impression of your property. This requires no money, just a little attention. To get the best possible price for your property, ask your Central Home staff for further assistance.