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A day in the life of a real estate agent

Surely the question has been raised many times, what does a real estate agent’s day look like, what is his job exactly? Basically, they are assisting, accompanying the procedure of selling, buying or renting a property. One thingthat is attractive to most about the job is that every day is different, flexible, adapting to the needs of the buyer or seller. The question is still the same: what kind of tasks this is all about? To be truthful, credible, we asked one of our real estate agent to tell us one of his day.

We were able to interview Márk after a Friday morning meeting. He woke up at 7 o’clock that day, as usual. He starts the day with a shower, then eats breakfast, while he is thinking about his daily routine and setting up a priority order. At 8:15 he needs to go! There is a meeting at 9 o’clock.

At Central Home there are regular morning meetings, which are about 30 minutes long. Here, real estate agents share their new flats, customers and their needs, as well as the latest news, changes and emerging issues.

Friday’s ID meetings and office meetings are a bit more special and longer than one hour. After that, Márk has administrative duties in his office. The real estate agents have to monitor almost all their activities related to the mediation. All incoming flat and client informations and preferences has to be included in a database that needs to be kept up-to-date. The contracts, statements have to be prepared, systematized, arranged and published. Meetings need to be organized, dates should be noted.. As these tasks take a lot of time, the Central Home agents’s assistants are carrying out daily tasks so that the agent can share their time better and work more efficiently and more producibly. However, these must be supervised.

After these, fieldwork comes. Márk worked hard the day before the interview, so he could arrange appointments with as many clients as possible. For this day, he collected 7 apartments that are compatible with the customer’s needs. Where are we now in time? Márk woke up, calmly, freshly prepared for the day, participated in the weekly ID meeting, outsourced administrative and marketing tasks, then at half past 11 he leaves with a customer to show him the properties of which one could be a dream house for the customer. Of course, this is not like buying a shoe, it’s a much bigger transaction, so you can not make this decision either in a rush or hurried. The agent must also pay close attention to his customer relations, so it is very important to have a day-to-day call on existing customers by phone, email, and keep them informed about the real estate market.

It is anticipated that the 7 apartments will be shown until 3 pm. Since Márk has been a member of Central Home for a long time and so he is an experienced agent, he spent his spare time on mentoring new agents. This means discussing their difficulties, what is good, then giving advice that they can use in the future.

As the week comes to an end, Márk is planning to go to a birthday party, of which he provided us with little to no information, but the little smile on his face let us know that he will surely have a good time.

Real estate agents have to find a balance between administrative and revenue-generating activities. Most consultants have a long and varied set of activities. However, this can be upset at any time by a sudden, priority assignment, the arrival of a new client, and therein lies a very important role in time management. We can also see that this is often a routine job, which in many situations is much more difficult than people might think.


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