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This is how we should buy the first property of our lives!

There are big and responsible decisions in life. Buying a home is just like that, especially when it comes to buying your first property.
In such case, two types of thinking are usually possible.

Since we usually buy our first apartment at the stage of our life when our financial possibilities are limited, we do not necessarily have the right amount of money for the apartment/ house of our dreams, so we may be forced to compromise solutions. In such cases, it could work if we are looking for a property that may be our ideal place to live in the long run, but may turn out to be less well located, as we need to give in somehow.

According to the other perception, the apartment should at least try to establish our future plans, such as being in a very good, frequented area, in a premium location, and be more modest in size and capabilities than we would truly need. These types of properties usually retain their value and may even be more expensive to sell in a few years, so they can help the owner to get the apartment of their dreams. By that time we may have savings, and then we can buy real estate in which we can imagine our lives and future in the long run.

When making a decision, it can be an important aspect to think about how much we can count on family and friends besides our own savings and resources, as an addition of financial support for the purchase price. Of course, borrowing can also be considered, but it increases the degree of uncertainty and can be a risk.

„Most people don’t think about investing, so they prefer to choose a property to suit their own needs, in the long run, so they focus on the size and layout of the property,” explains Ben-Ezra Orran, an expert at Central Home. – „However, this is not necessarily the most ideal solution, because often the value of smaller apartments increases faster due to the more favorable location, while it is useless to have a larger apartment if it isn’t as well located. If the customer still insists on the latter, we advise to look for at least elements that suggest that improvements are expected in that area.”